CrossFit Open 2022

The CrossFit Open starts on 24 Feb 2022. Black Widow CrossFit will be holding competitions on Friday 25 Feb, 04 Mar, and 11 Mar 2022.
Tyler Wilson
February 22, 2022
CrossFit Open 2022

The CrossFit Open is Coming!

The CrossFit Open starts in a week, and we are encouraging everybody to sign up. This is a great opportunity to have a competition with the global CrossFit community. Everybody around the world will conduct the same workout for three weeks in a row.

Will it be difficult? Probably, but this is a great opportunity to test yourself and see where you align with your peers in CrossFit.

Will there be movements you cannot do? Maybe, but there are different versions of the workout to align where you are now.

Will it be a fun and exciting opportunity? YES!!!

What is the CrossFit Open?

The CrossFit Open is a three-week competition that begins on Thursday, 24 February. The first workout – 22.1 – will be announced at 3pm (ET). This will be the WOD for Black Widow on Friday, 25 February. You will have until 8pm on Monday, 28 February, to submit your scores.

Each workout comes with multiple versions – RX’d, Scaled, and Foundations – for several divisions. You will compete with your age and gender category. So, you can compete, even if you have never done CrossFit before.

Black Widow will be holding special events each Friday evening during the competition season (25 February, 04 March, and 11 March) to ensure we have registered judges available to officially grade our athletes for score submission.

What do you have to do?

1. Register for the Open through CrossFit.

2. Compete in the Open on each Friday – 25 February, 04 March, and 11 March.

3. Submit your scores through CrossFit.

For more information, see CrossFit's Guide to the Open!

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