Meagen Zawistowski

Meagen Zawistowski


Deadlift: 250 lbs

Back Squat: 195 lbs

Power Snatch: 100 lbs

500m row: 1:45.7

5000m row: 20:53

Wood: 28:32


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

About Coach

I’ve always been on the move. I started as a cute little preschool ballerina but eventually moved on to soccer. I was fortunate to go to a small high school that allowed me to play three sports (i.e. very few cuts if any). Soccer and lacrosse were my loves and basketball kept me in shape. In college, the rowing team was still very young and largely recruiting from walk-ons. Being on a Division I NCAA team was an incredible experience. I attended two-a-days, lifted three days per week, spent time in ice baths (still rehabbing my ACL), and raced in ACC tournaments all while living the college life. After three years on the rowing team, I decided to switch to the club lacrosse team. That was one of my first experiences working on a season-long training plan and also coaching as the upperclassmen ran the team. I graduated with a B.S. in Psychology and a minor in Athletic Leadership. Post-college I’ve coached youth soccer with players ranging from age 9-to 18 years old. I’ve also coached Varsity lacrosse and look forward to more high school coaching in the future. Regardless I’ll never stop CrossFitting. I plan to still be hitting the box when I’m 60!

Turning Point

I’ve always enjoyed athletics, but was never the “natural athlete”. I appreciate that because it meant I had to work harder, run extra, and stay after practice to get better. It really helped me understand all my sports on a deeper level, getting down to the fine-tuning of proper mechanics, visualizing, and practicing over and over. I would have to credit two points in my life; 1. When I tore my ACL in high school, and 2. Walking on to the Clemson rowing team. The ACL tear was devastating. It sidelined me from three sports most of my junior year, soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. I lost my starting goalie position in soccer to a freshman who I helped train while awaiting surgery. I missed my team going to the States, hours of physical therapy, and rebuilding my confidence. I had to fight for my starting job as a senior, eventually earning it back, and in the process appreciating lessons learned even more. On the Clemson rowing team, there were several weeks of gradual cuts. I was quickly humbled by the intensity but also challenged to push for more every day. I found so much more in me both athletically and emotionally that I reflect on those lessons almost daily 20 years later. Still, in many grueling workouts, I still go to that place in my brain that says “you have a little more”. Rowing is also where I was introduced to lifting and found my niche. Lifting is the aspect of the sport that came ‘naturally’ to me and was able to often be at or near the top when it came to weight totals. CrossFit takes me to that place of pushing to the edge and feeling that confident ‘high’ afterward. It also challenges me to continue learning and fine-tuning the details to help me move in the best way possible.

Motivation & Passion

I want to emulate the coaches that I’ve had. The one that cheers you on when you perform a new skill but also one that pushes you to raise your own standard. I want you to learn what it feels like to find more within yourself, that can carry over into all aspects of life. While I love to Rx a workout, safety, proper form, and a solid foundation are always my #1 priority.

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